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The WDS+ Approach Treats the REAL CAUSE of Your Weight Problems, Your Chronic Symptoms and/or Your Low Mood

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We are born with a miraculous self-regulating, self-healing machine; this is called HOMOEOSTASIS. If we are still hungry after eating, homoeostasis is not working. If we crave unhealthy food, homoeostasis is not working. If we have physical symptoms that won't go away, homoeostasis is not working. If you have any of the symptoms below for more than two weeks, homoeostasis is not working. 

  •  Bloating after eating
  •  Unexplained tiredness
  •  Asthma
  •  Skin problems
  •  Low mood / depression
  •  Inflammatory joint problems
  •  Inflammatory bowel problems
  •  Other inflammatory conditions
  •  Headaches
  •  Digestive problems
  •  Sinus problems
  •  Fuzzy thinking or memory  problems
  •  Difficulty losing weight
  •  Emotional eating
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Thanks to the internet. people are increasingly well-informed about the possible causes of their symptoms. Food intolerance reactions & 'leaky gut syndrome' are increasingly highlighted as major causes of inflammation, chronic symptoms, and weight problems. In spite of this, most doctors still raise a well-practiced eyebrow at the mere mention of 'leaky gut syndrome' and/or food intolerance reactions. 

However, doctors can no longer brush-off concerns about having a 'leaky gut', or the food intolerance reactions that often go hand-in-hand with the condition. Recent discoveries, announced in a 2016 article of Time Magazine, revealed undisputed evidence for the existence of 'leaky gut syndrome'. In the article, leading Immunologist from Boston USA, Dr Alessio Fasano, confirmed 'Leaky Gut Syndrome' is Legit!'

To read the full article: Click Here


Antibodies Attacking a Foreign Invader
Antibodies attacking a foreign invader

Having a leaky gut allows toxins and large food particles to pass through the gut wall into the bloodstream, where they should not be.

Once in the bloodstream, these food particles are tagged as 'foreign invaders' by immune system antibodies. The resulting inflammation leads to many of the chronic symptoms in the list above.

The problem is, there can be a delay of up to 72 hours between eating a food that enters the bloodstream and an appearance of symptoms. In addition, the food might be a favourite, even craved at times, so it's unsurprising that people often fail to connect the food with their symptoms. If someone is unaware a food is causing their symptoms, they will keep eating the food; unwittingly fuelling inflammatory reactions.

Click to see the impact of leaky gut and food intolerance reactions on different body systems.

Leaky Gut Inflammation

Inflammation is a major block to the healing powers of homoeostasis. While having a leaky gut and undiagnosed food intolerances are a major cause of inflammation, there are others. Having a poor diet, an unhealthy gut microbiome, fungal overgrowth and elevated stress levels, are all factors which can block homoeostasis, leading to many of the unpleasant symptoms listed above.

Modern medicine focuses on treating symptoms, while often ignoring the underlying cause. The WDS+ approach focuses on removing blocks to homoeostasis: the body's innate self-healing system. Removing each person's significant blocks is usually enough to allow homoeostasis to 'kick-in' and do what it is designed to do: self-regulate and self-heal.

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Marjorie Green

 Hi, I am Marjorie Green, the founder of WDS Plus, Logo.

For years food intolerances have been notoriously difficult to identify and treat: reactions can be delayed for days after eating the food, laboratory tests often produce wildly different results, and new intolerances often develop after suspect foods have been eliminated. 

However, German bioresonance experts have come up with a solution.

I recently returned from a bioresonance conference in Germany where there was much excitement about an ingenious bioresonance protocol which had excellent results treating chronic symptoms and weight problems. The protocol focuses on treating undiagnosed food intolerances: in Germany they call food intolerances 'masked allergies' because they are so difficult to identify. 

The remarkable aspect of the German bioresonance protocol is that it treats ALL foods without the need to either identify which foods are causing problems, or to eliminate any foods from the diet!  Click to keep reading...

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The Graphic below shows the root cause of your chronic physical symptoms, your chronic weight problems and / or your low mood or depression symptoms.


The  WDS - Logo Solution for Chronic Symptoms,

Weight Problems, and Low Mood

The WDS+ solution for chronic symptoms, chronic weight problems, and low mood offers a choice of one, two or three highly effective treatments:


The fees are greatly reduced- in exchange for your honest feedback- for all trial participants.

To help you decide which treatment, or combination of treatments is best for you, please click on the individual 'Solution circles' below. 

Solution 1 - Bioresonance Solution 2 - Bioresonance Plus Nutritional Therapy
Solution 3 - Bioresonance Plus Gift Techniques Solution 4 - Bioresonance Plus Nutritional Therapy Plus Gift Technique


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