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The WDS+ approach treats the REAL CAUSE of your weight problems, your chronic symptoms and/or your low mood.

How I discovered Bioresonance

I was practising as a Nutritional Therapist, when my 3 year old son was diagnosed with a severe nut and seed allergy. It was 1995, and even though it was not that long ago, such allergies were rare. It was made very clear to me, by the professor who treated my son, that his allergy was severe and any contact with nuts or seeds could provoke an anaphylactic reaction. We were given the same treatment option that continue to be given to this day: anti-histamines, and an 'epipen' - to inject adrenalin in case of he unwittingly ate anything containing nuts or seeds. This was much easier in those days as there were almost no controls. 

I refused to accept that 'nothing could be done', so I contacted everyone I knew in the alternative medicine field who I thought might be able to help. Finally someone told me about a therapy in Germany that treated the 'disrupted frequency patterns' in allergens. Apparently, once these disrupted patters were treated, the body no longer reacted to the allergen. The treatment was called bioresonance. After a lot of research, I invested in my first bioresonance machine -the Bicom 4.4 - and made my first, of many,  trips to Germany to be trained how to use the machine.

My son was, of course, my first test case! The peace of mind the Bicom machine gave me as a parent- and continues to give me to this day- is beyond price. Prior to treatment with bioresonance, my son had several 'episodes', usually at children's parties: peanut butter sandwiches were ubiquitous at kid's parties in those days, and no matter how well-meaning the parent, all it took was somone forgetting to clean the knife when adding a separate filling to my son's sandwiches. However, since having bioresonance treatments, he has only had one mild reaction. It was explained to me that incidental contact with the allergen can re-ignite the disrupted frequency pattern, so that if the person has subsequent contact, they will have an abrection, although it will not be severe! After that, I gave my son occassional 'top up' treatments every few months. At the age of 23, he is so blase about his allergy, that he refuses to carry his Epipen. As his mother, I would prefer he did, but as a therapist I know that, even if he did have a reaction, I know it would not be sever, so I am not overly concerned. 

Bioresonance for Food Intolerance

While a food intolerance is not an allergy per se, the body is still having an abreaction to the food, so treatment of a food intolerance is the same as for a food allergy. 

The History of Bioresonance Therapy [BRT]

For 3000 years it has been known in Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] that energy directs the activity of the organs in our body, and that these activities are subject to rhythmical vibrations. It has long been the belief in TCM that dis-ease is the result of stagnant energy, indeed the main purpose of Acupuncture is to clear blockages in energy pathways and allow the free flow of ‘chi’ – energy -, around the body. In recent years, the existence of meridians and blockages in the meridians has been proven by means of nuclear medicine and other methods. Much research has also gone into exploring Biorhythms.


Alexander Gurwitsch
Alexander Gurwitsch


The scientific roots of BRT [Bioresonance therapy] date back to 1923 and the work of Soviet Russian scientist Alexander Gurwitsch. He was born in Poltava, Ukraine, and proposed the morphogenetic field theory. He also discovered the biophoton while researching the growth and development of onion plants: he found that something regulating the growth of the onion shoots could pass through quartz but not silicon.

It wasn’t until some 50 years later that technology was sufficiently developed to prove that this was actually biological light emitted from the onions' DNA. Through the use of a photo amplifier, Dr. Beetz at the Max Planck Institute was able to project the process onto a TV screen.

In 1975 the German physicist Dr. Fritz Albert Popp proved the existence of light emission - bio-photons - from living cells. Biophotons became fundamental in many of the research studies into general quantum field theory.

The missing link in Biology: frequency, energy, vibration

Nikola Tesla Quote

Recent research by F.A. Popp and W. Ludwig shows that the effect of homeopathic substances is due to their vibration patterns. ‘Scientific’ research into homoeopathy claims it to be a sham because they find ‘nothing’ in the homoeopathic preparations. However, if you don’t look in the right pace, you won’t find the right answers. The researchers were looking for chemicals to explain the effectiveness of homoeopathic substances. The ‘magic’ in homoeopathic substances is the step-wise dilution process, where at each stage, homoeopathic preparations are ‘succussed’ –vigorously shaken- to transfer energetic vibratory frequency patterns.

Vibration can’t be ‘seen’ unless you are looking for it and have the right equipment.

Research by Prof. Dr. Cyril W. Smith and colleagues (University of Salford, England), proved that allergic reactions can be neutralized by means of electromagnetic vibrations with a certain frequency spectrum. Dr. Smith’s research acknowledged the efficacy of the Bicom bioresonance machine for the treatment of allergies. The machine used at WDS+ is the latest Bicom Bioresonance machine, the Bicom Optima.

Dr. Franz Morell and his son-in-law, Mr. Erich Rasche, developed the first machine to carry out treatment utilizing these findings. Their machine was able to "read" the frequencies of biological light and adjust the various frequencies. Through manipulation of these frequencies, light-emitting organisms could be brought into healthy balance. Systems emitting harmonious frequencies were amplified, while systems emitting pathological frequencies were either attenuated or inverted, thereby bringing the body closer to homoeostasis: it’s natural, self- regulating, self-healing blueprint.

The BICOM® bioresonance machine and the theoretical understanding that supports its application were developed from discoveries made by leading biophysicists in the last century.


Given the right ‘environment’: good food, clean water, shelter, and an environment free of toxins, whether the source is physical, chemical, or emotional, our body will self-regulate and self-heal. We are born with this ability. This innate ability is called HOMOEOSTASIS; everyone has it, so WHY is conventional medicine so focused on prescribing drugs to manage symptoms? WHY are doctors not asking WHY their patients symptoms are not resolving? WHY do they appear uninterested in finding out WHY homoeostasis – our body’s self-regulating, self-healing ability- is not working?


Below is a link to a humorous short video about conventional medicine’s approach to treating the symptoms rather than the cause. The video is from Dr Joseph Mercola’s website. I recommend checking out the rest of his website. It is a good source of well-researched nutritional information: http://www.mercola.com/townofallopath/index.htm.

Medicine of the Future

I genuinely believe bioresonance is the medicine of the future: it treats problems at the grass roots level: the biophysical level. Once problems are treated at a biophysical level, it's much easier for the body to produce the right chemicals at a biochemical level. However, medicine has been focused on treating problems at a biochemical level for a very long time, and old habits die hard! However, as Schopenhauer wisely observed, the truth will always prevail. Bioresonance is the way forward in medicine. The evidence that is emerging is too powerful to either ridicule or suppress. The video below is one example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w0_kazbb_U

Arthur Schopenhauer

Established beliefs 'hard to change'

Once such case that gives an excellent example is the case of Ignaz Semmelweis, who was head of Obstetrics at Vienna General Hospital in 1847. He tried to introduce hand washing to prevent child sick-bed fever which was prevalent at the time. Unfortunately, this was before the ‘germ theory’ had been established in medicine and Semmelweis’s colleagues were outraged at the suggestion that THEIR hands could carry disease. Their fury knew no bounds and Semmelweis found himself ostracised and his ideas ridiculed. As a result, Semmelweis ended up in an asylum at the age of 46, where he was severely beaten by the guards and died weeks later.

Fast forward a few centuries and you could say that medical opinion has gone too far in the opposite direction; becoming overly obsessed with hygiene to the detriment of killing all bugs, even those that are needed.

Ridiculing a theory that opposes established norms is often called the “Semmelweis reflex”. Bioresonance, in my opinion, is currently subject to the ‘Semmelweis effect’. As the physicist Max Plank said “Not only the professors, but their students will have to die out before a new scientific idea is able to gain acceptance”. We are beginning to see this now as many new doctors are more open to alternative methods.

It is the public who are looking for alternative treatments, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses. These are caused by blocks to the body’s innate ability to self-regulate and self-heal. The focus of allopathic medicine - conventional medicine- is on managing symptoms. 99% of what doctors are taught has been decreed by the Pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies make their trillion dollar profits from managing the symptoms of illness. As what doctors re taugh in medical school is dictated to by the Pharmaceutical companies, doctors are never taught that removing blocks to the body’s innate ability to self-regulate and self-heal, is by far the best way to ensure good health. This is in contrast to China where doctors of TCM are often paid a stipend to keep someone healthy. TCM focuses on clearing blocks to the body’s ability to self-regulate and self-heal.