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The WDS+ approach treats the REAL CAUSE of your weight problems, your chronic symptoms and/or your low mood.

Your Stress Release Session 

"Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses." - Eric Robins, MD, 

It is becoming widely acknowledged that the feelings we suppress block the healing process.

I offer a choice of 'Energy Psychology' techniques [ link to to be We have often suppressed so many feelings over the years that it can be difficult to remember what they are. I developed a technique to enable people to identify their unresolved feelings - even the ones they buried decades ago and have long forgotten about! This is the first part of what I have called the GI.F.T.S. technique [GIve your Feelings Transformational Space] please create link to the GIFTS technique page]. The second part of the GI.F.T.S. technique takes you through a process of allowing your trapped feelings to transform by themselves. People who have gone through the process say it is very relaxing and often have helpful insights during the process. 

For millennia, TCM [ Traditional Chinese Medecine] has claimed that free-flowing 'qi' or 'vital energy' is a requirement for good physical health. The recent Western discovery of 'Energy Psychology' blends ancient Chinese wisdom with the knowledge from Quantum physics: everything in the Universe is energy, including our thoughts and feelings. I have practised the most effective energy psychology techniques since 2006. The success of the techniques often depended on people being able to be very specific about their buried traumas: the more specific you can be about your trapped feelings, the more likely you are to be able to 'zero-in' on the buried feeling, so it could be 'released' with the preferred energy psychology technique.

The first part of the GI.F.T.S.® technique enables people to identify -even their most entrenched- buried feelings. The second part takes them through a process that allows the feelings to transform by themselves. Developing the second part was influenced by Eugene Gendlin, the author of 'Focusing' and others who believed that our feelings have a purpose and that by allowing ourselves to focus on our feelings without trying to ascribe a meaning to them, our troublesome feelings will transform by themselves and we will be enriched as a result, not least through increased clarity. 

I use the GI.F.T.S. technique where possible as it is so effective, but if people have a preference for one of the other energy psychology techniques I have trained in I am equally happy to use those.

When appropriate during your session, I will link you to the Bicom Optima and connect you with 'Schuman frequencies - 7.8 htz: the 'earth frequency', or other 'positive vibes' while your 'negative' feelings are being transformed.