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Food Intolerance101

Churchill said Russia was ‘a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’. Many would say the same about food intolerances! It’s no surprise they are often called ‘masked allergies’, or ‘hidden allergies’, and unsurprising that many people are completely unaware they have developed an intolerance to a food they eat on a regular basis, with no apparent discomfort… until days later, when it is unlikely they will connect the food they have eaten with their symptoms. To add to the confusion, a food someone develops an intolerance to is often one of their favourites: one they may even crave at times!

Food allergy V. Food intolerance

A food allergy reaction is immediate. It produces an immediate histamine response, provoking reactions as varied as reddening of the skin, runny eyes, a coughing fit…to an extreme anaphylactic reaction where the airways close up, and the person has difficulty breathing.

A food intolerance reaction, is rarely immediate. In fact, timing is often one of the main differences between the reactions. 

There is also a lot of misinformation on the internet regarding food intolerance reactions. Many websites –usually medical, or government sponsored websites - claim the immune system is not involved in a food intolerance reaction. This is outdated information and misleading: the immune system is very much involved via the immune antibodies. The intestines are supposed to be sealed-off from the rest of the body, only allowing well-digested nutrients to pass through into the bloodstream. However, recent information reveals that leaky gut is reaching epidemic proportions as a staggering 80% of the poultaion are believed to be affceted to some degree.


Leaky Gut 101

When the gut wall becomes porous 'leaky gut', large undigested food partcicles and other toxic elements -which should be contained in the gut- are rekeased into the bloodstream. Food particles which the body was happy to have in the gut, are now recognised as foreign invaders in the bloodstream -where they have no business being- and 'tagged' accordingly by immune antibodies. As a result, any time a similar food leaks into the bloodtream the same cascade of inflammatory reactions occurs. The graphic below shows how various systems in the body are impacted:Leaky 

Leaky Food and Gut Reactions

igG reactions, ‘Leaky gut’ and Inflammation

‘igG’ means ‘immunoglobulin G’- igG is an antibody of the immune system. igG antibodies defend us against hostile invaders. An igG reaction produces inflammation.

Antibodies attacking a foreign invader.

If we have a ‘leaky gut’, large food particles can escape into the bloodstream. where they have no business being. Any large food particle in the bloodstream will be immediately tagged for destruction by our igG antibodies, who recognise it as a hostile invader. The ensuing battle to destroy the invader produces inflammation.

The problem of having an undiagnosed food intolerance

If we are unware we have developed an intolerance to a food we eat regularly, we will continue to eat the food, and our body will continue to produce igG antibodies, which produces inflammation.

If you have read ‘Leaky gut 101', you will begin to understand the co-dependent relationship between food intolerances and intestinal permeability. Also, if you have read Homoeostasis 101, you will understand that our body will not be able to activate our innate self-healing capacity in the presence of intestinal permeability, compounded by the regularly consumption of food/s we have developed an intolerance to. If you are troubled by any of the symptoms on the Home page [link to symptoms list please] having an undiagnosed food intolerance is a major cause of the symptoms you are experiencing, whether they are manifested as difficulty losing weight/ and or chronic physical symptoms.

Having one or more undiagnosed food intolerances [and a ‘leaky gut’] are major blocks to homoeostasis 

The WDS+ Logo approach to difficulty losing weight and/or chronic physical symptoms is to remove each person’s most significant blocks to homoeostasis. This allows the body’s innate self-regulating, and self-healing ability to kick-in and do the job it is designed to do: self-regulate and self-heal!

The WDS+ approach:

•Removes ALL food intolerances [using Dr Rummel’s bioresonance protocol]

•Heals a leaky gut [using bioresonace & nutritional therapy]

•Re-establishes a healthy gut microbiome [using bioresonance & nutritional therapy]

•Removes blocks caused by a poor diet – where necessary- using nutritional therapy

Removes blocks caused by emotional stress –where necessary- using the GI.F.T.S. technique or your preferred energy psychology technique

If you would like to join our trial where you can experience the full benefits of WDS+ treatments at a fraction of the post-launch fee, please call 079252 61616 OR 020 3380 8768 to make an appointment.

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