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WDS+ approach to improving your diet

There is so much mis-information when it comes to 'what is the best diet', it's easy to be confused. When I began studying Nutritional Therapy at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in the early 90s, the recommended 'food pyramid' was weighted in favour of carbs. It was also not unusual for clients to be prescribed 7 or 8 different supplements! 

However, it didn't take long for me to figure out that less is often more when it comes to supplements. Now, I rarely prescribe specific nutrients, focusing instead on improving the quality of food people eat and when it comes to supplements, I tend to focus on pro/pre biotics and acids and enzymes to aid digestion and absorption.

Nutrition consultations begin with me sending you questionnaires in the post. You will arrive for your first appointment having completed the questionnaires. The answers give a broad picture from where we can go deeper. 

Over the years, I have collated excellent eating plans to help people lose -or gain- weight. If people want to lose weight, I do use a specific weight-loss diet in the first week. This diet can achieve considerable weight loss, although most of that will be from the removal of toxic bloat. This is beneficial of many fronts: 1] Cleints have lost up to 14 lbs -mostly toxins of course- on this diet 2] Clients often report feeling much better and looking much better and 2] It is a great morale boost, encouraging people to look forward to the next step.  

However, while the first week's diet can be a great 'kick-start', the ultimate goal is to transform your eating habits so you adopt a new way of eating: 'diets' don't work as a long-term strategy. 

One of the added benefits of your nutrition session is that I use the time while we are discussing your diet to link you to my Bicom Optima machine , so I can give you bioresonance treatments based on your specific needs. Some of the excellent bioresonace programmes I use may include: stimulating the organs of elimination / hormonal programmes / toxin removal / e-smog exposure / reducing inflammation... to mention just a few of the many wonderful programmes my Bicom Optima offers.

FYI: Wheat & Dairy ingredients

Many supermarkets have 'FREE FROM' sections is response to the growing demand for foods free from -mostly- wheat and dairy. Avoiding food which contains either wheat or dairy is often very difficult as they are ubiquitous ingredients in many foods. Many of the shelves in supermarkets are stocked with foods containing wheat and dairy. However, food manufacturers know that many people avoid foods containing wheat or dairy, so they often disguis them using other names. Here are a few examples of ingredients that you may not know contain either wheat or dairy:

• Bulgur
• Cereal Extract
• Couscous
• Cracker Meal
• Einkorn
• Emmer
• Farina
• Graham Flour
• Kamut Flour
• Gluten
• Malt
• Malt Extract
• Matzo
• Noodles
• Pasta
• Seitan
• Semolina
• Spelt
• Tabbouleh
• Triticum
• Artificial Flavouring
• Natural Flavouring
• Caramel Colour
• Dextrin
• Food Starch
• Glucose Syrup
• Hydrolyzed
• Vegetable Protein
• Maltodextrin
• Monosodium Glutamate
• Soy Sauce
• Shoyu
• Tamari
• Teriyaki Sauce
• Surimi
• Textured Vegetable Protein
• Vegetable Gum
• Casein
• Galactose
• Ghee
• Whey
• Hydrolysate
• Lactalbumin
• Lactate Solids
• Lactic Yeast
• Lactose
• Lactulose
• Nisin Preparation
• Quark
• Rennet
• Rennet Casein
• Flavourings
• High Protein Flour
• Lactic Acid Starter Culture
• Rice Cheese
• Soy Cheese