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The WDS+ approach treats the REAL CAUSE of your weight problems, your chronic symptoms and/or your low mood.


Marjorie Green

About WDS+

About the Founder - Marjorie Green

I was born in Glasgow, and studied languages and business studies in London. I also studied in Madrid and worked and studied in Paris.

After Uni, I stepped on the corporate ladder, but soon realised the corporate world wasn’t for me, and began looking around for something else to do.

How I became a Nutritional Therapist

I established a successful picture framing gallery in London. After seven years, I decided to sell the business: I wanted to try something else. Around that time, my mother was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was shocked when I saw the leaflet she had been given by the hospital. The leaflet mapped-out the progression of her illness. On the last page there was a picture of someone in a wheelchair: she was only in her early 50s!

I researched alternative options. Nutritional Therapy appeared to offer the most hope, so for the next three years, I studied Nutritional Therapy at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. I was shocked to discover just how much our diet impacts our health, because at the time, established medical opinion was that the type of food we eat has very little impact on our health.

I began a Nutritional Therapy practice

How I became a Bioresonance Therapist

When my 4-year-old son was diagnosed with a severe nut and seed allergy [in 1997], I began looking around for something other than the standard ‘steroids/ anti-histamines/ adrenaline’ approach. I soon discovered that in Germany, thousands of medical doctors and alternative practitioners had been using a therapy called ‘bioresonance’ for years to successfully treat all types of allergies! Within a short time, I had invested in a Bicom bioresonance machine and studied to become a bioresonance therapist.
I added Bioresonance therapy to my practice

How I became an Energy Psychology Therapist

Then, due to a sudden traumatic event in my own life, I discovered energy psychology. I was so impressed with the result, that within a few short years I had studied the most effective energy psychology techniques of the day to practitioner level.                                          I added ‘Energy Psychology’ techniques to my practice

And then…

l realised something was needed to help people identify the many traumatic feelings they had buried over the years - 'traumatic' can be anything you find upsetting enough and which you fail to resolve in your mind- as, according to energy psychology, based on centuries of Traditional Chinese Medical Knowledge, our feelings are vibrations, and every time we fail to resolve our 'negative feelings', the vibration pattern of those feelings becomes stuck in our 'energy system'. The ancient Chinese have claimed for millennia that good health can only exist when our 'Chi' [ the English translation is  'vital energy'] is free flowing. emotional event that we fail to resolve, becomes trapped  ancient Chinese medicine. I knew people had often buried many feelings they couldn't resolve at the time, especially in early childhood, and I knew that people often found it very difficult to remember many of these feelings, especially those buried in eary childhood. 

Over the years, I tried to come up with soemthing to help people remember their buried emotions, especially those from early childhood as I knew how much impact they had on our subconscious reactions, especially as I now knew that our subconscious programming is responsible for 95% of our thoughts and beliefs!

Then one day when I was working with a client, I had an 'aha' moment, which led from one idea to another. Within a very short time I had come up with a way to enable people to identify their buried feelings, even feelings they had buried decades ago, perhaps from early childhood. While I was developing that idea, I also became intersted in the work of Eugene Gendlin, author of 'Focusing', and soon discovered that there were many who had similar ideas to Gendlin: [ Gendlin and others believed that our 'negative' feelings have a message for us, and if, instead of suppressing them, we focus on the feelings as an interested observer instead of 'getting inside our head', the feelings will transfrom by themselves and we will often gain great insights].  I combined my technique for helping people identify their buried feelings with my take on 'focusing', and came up with what an idea that combined both.

 I called it ‘The GI.F.T.S.® Technique’ [GIve your Feelings Transformational Space]. I also wrote a book about the technique. The book is called ‘The Formula for Happiness: BE 100% YOU!’, and will be published soon.

And then…

It had taken me four years to develop the technique and write the book, so I wanted to start practising again. I decided to return to Germany to refresh my bioresonance skills, and update my machine to the latest 'Bicom Optima' bioresonance machine. 

While in Germany, I heard about a unique bioresonance protocol for treating chronic symptoms and chronic weight problems. The protocol’s main focus was treating food intolerance [the protocol also treated candida overgrowth]. The reason it was unique, was because it treated ALL food intolerances without the need to test OR eliminate any foods during –or after- treatment. I found out as much as possible about Dr Rummel’s protocol while I was in Germany.

I learned that Dr Rummel and his team of 150 bioresonance therapists had treated 100,000 people using his unique protocol [ 1x 20 minute bioresonance session 1x per week for several weeks retrains the body to recognise reactive food as normal food without causing a reaction]. Everyone in Dr Rummel's trial had either chronic symptoms and /or weight problems. 50% [50,000 people] of those treated had excellent results: their chronic symptoms eased off, and/or their weight began to normalise. 

Modern medicine treats symptoms, it is our body that heals. This healing process is called HOMOEOSTASIS, and there are many things that can block the healing process. Bioresonance is very successful at removing biophysical blocks to homoeostasis: the body’s ability to self-regulate and self-heal.  However, there are two major blocks to homoeostasis bioresonace can’t remove: a poor diet and emotional stress. I believed that the 50% of the trial subjects treated with Dr Rummel's bioresonance 'food intolerance' who did not have such good results, had blocks which bioresonance was unable to treat: blocks caused by poor diet and / or emotional blocks. 

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On the journey back to the UK, I realised that if I combined Dr Rummel's ingenious bioresonance food intolerance protocol with either of my other two therapies - when required- to improve peoples' diet and /or relieve emotional stress, the success rate of Dr Rummel's treatment could be doubled! 


Dr Rummel's 20 minute once a week bioresonance protocol without any other intervention has a success rate of 50%, I believe with the addition of either of my other therapies, when necesary, will skyrocket the success achieved by bioresonance alone. Prior to the estinated launch of WDS+ [proposed for Januruary 2017], I have decided to run low-cost pre-launch sessions in exchange for your honest feedback. 

The treatments I offer @ WDS+ are:

1] Dr Rummel’s bioresonance food intolerance protocol
2] Nutritional therapy if needed
3] The GI.F.T.S ® technique, or energy psychology if needed.

Anyone signing up for these pre-launch sessions will experience the full benefit of WDS+ treatments at a fraction of the normal fee. All I want in return is your HONEST FEEDBACK, so if you are interested in experiencing WDS+ treatments at a fraction of the normal fee, please call:

079 252 61616

Or 0203 380 8768

nb For those who would like to see evidence of my relevant qualifications, they are listed in the ‘EXTRAS’ section on the navigation bar of the website. I have previously practised at The Grove Clinic in Kensington Church Street London W8 and the Hale Clinic in Park Circus London W1. If English is not your first language, I speak French, Spanish and Italian, [although my Italian is not as good as the others].