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The New Biology

Since DNA was discovered by Crick and Watson over 50 years ago, every medical and scientific textbook has presented 'Genetic Determination' as a fact. Genetic determination means that we have no control over which illnesses we are likely to fall victim to. As a result, it has seeped into mass consciousness that we are powerless: if we are fat, 'it's our genes'; if we get cancer, 'it's our genes'; if we suffer from high blood pressure, 'it's in our genes'.

Genes are important, but the genes themselves are not the controlling factor. What makes genes become active, or not, is the controlling factor, and that makes us very powerful indeed: it means we have total control over the determining factor of what makes genes express themselves or not: the environment they live in, which is totally under our control!

'Cellular environment means everything that the cell is exposed to, for example how well it's nourished to the vibration of our feelings' 

Bruce Lipton was one of the first stem cell researchers, and for years was a leading professor of biology to medical students at one of America's leading universities. However, after discovering that the cell survived for months after the nucleus was removed, he began to question wether the nucleus was in fact the brain of the cell, then set out to discover what really controlled the cell. After much research and experimenting, he discovered that our cells have receptors on their outer membrane. Via these receptors, our cells communicate signals from their environment with each other. This communication takes place via invisible frequency waves, which brings us to another thing which has been missing from medical and scientific textbooks: the importance of energy, a.k.a. frequency or vibration. 

"If you want to know how the Universe works, think of energy, frequency and vibration" - Nikola Tesla

Negative signals from a cell's environment trigger the release of inflammatory chemicals, e.g. norepinephrine, cortisol, adrenaline, while positive signals trigger the release of health-promoting chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and phenylethamine. The good news is that this knowledge takes us from being the victims of our genes, to being the masters of our genes: we can control what influences the signals our cells broadcast, and those signals determine which genes are expressed!

One of the most influential ways we can do this is by improving the quality of the food we eat, and reducing our stress levels and releasing the 'trapped energy' related to our uresolved emotions. Many people don't realise that any time they are under stress, or thinking negative thoughts, or eating junk food, their body releases inflammatory chemicals.

Positively influencing the signals your cells communicate with each other is key to transfroming your health and emotional well-being, and that is exactly what I do at WDS+.