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Dr. med. Gerhard L. Rummel

Dr. med. Gerhard L. Rummel

Dr. Rummel's Bioresonance Protocol

Dr Gerhard Rummel trained and practised as a medical doctor, before adding bioresonance to his practice.

He had grown weary of writing countless prescriptions for people whose symptoms only ever seemed to get worse, and was drawn to bioresonance after hearing many success stories from other medical doctors who practised it. His goal was to help the growing numbers of patients in his practice who were suffering from chronic physical symptoms, or struggling to lose weight, or who battled with a low mood.

Dr Rummel had a strong belief that what the Germans call 'masked allergies', and we call 'food intolerances', to food people were eating on a regular basis, was at the root of many of his patients' chronic symptoms, their difficulty losing weight, and perhaps their low mood. The more he read about bioresonance, the more he believed that 'disrupted frequency patterns' in the food people were eating on a regular basis could be a major cause of their chronic symptoms. 

Dr. Rummel felt bioresonance could offer a solution. He knew of its success at treating allergies by inverting the disrupted frequency patterns in the allergenic substance and sending the inverted frequency back to the patient.

Dr. Rummel eventually combined his medical knowledge with his bioresonance training and came up with his ingenious protocol to eliminate the disrupted frequency patterns in ALL foods. From his medical training, Dr. Rummel knew that, to a large degree, all body tissue shared the same characteristics. He believed the same 'identity principle' was shared by food of the same species. After much experimenting he realised he could use the 'frequency patterns' of just two foods to treat all foods of the same species. He chose wheat as the 'information carrier' for all non-animal foods, and dairy for all animal foods.

Dr Rummel tested his theory and discovered that by inverting the disrupted frequency patterns of just wheat and dairy once a week for 15 -or later 10 - weeks, abreactions to ALL previously reactive foods ceased, and many peoples' chronic symptoms disappeared -or were significantly improved. If they were overweight, their weight started to normalise, and if they had a low mood, their mood started to improve.

Dr Rummel decided to extend his test. He formed a research group of 150 doctors and naturopaths who also practised bioresonance; the practitioners came from throughout Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Austria. Dr Rummel and his team treated 100,000 people using the bioresonance protocol he had developed. Of the 100,000 people treated, 50% had a very good, or excellent result. However the other 50% had varying results.

Although there is no available data, it is my belief that the 50% who had less spectacular results had other problems which bioresonance can't treat: poor diet / leaky gut / stress / unhealthy microbiome.

However I knew that the other therapies I practice can treat those things, and I believed that treating those additional problems if they were a factor, in addition to Dr Rummel's bioresonance protocol, would mean that a much greater percentage of people would also have 'excellent results' when using Dr Rummel's protocol.


The food we eat is vitally important, and it is vitally important that our body is not reacting to food we are eating, especially food we eat on a regular basis. I was very impressed with the idea of Dr Rummel's protocol and after hearing about his bioresonance protocol in Germany, I decided I was going to combine his 'wheat & dairy solution' with my other therapies to make a 'super solution'. I called this 'WDS+' [Wheat & Dairy Solution + [ Dr Rummel's protocol plus either Nutritional Therapy and/or the GI.F.T.S® technique to improve a poor diet and/or transform 'stuck emotions' as either could lessen the effect of Dr Rummel's protocol ]. I was convinced the combination of these three therapies: Bioresonance, Nutritional Therapy and the GI,F.T.S.® technique, or any of the other Energy Psycholgy techniques I'm qualified to practise could greatly increase peoples' ability to overcome their chronic symptoms, including difficulty losing weight, and even their low mood. 

The Trial Groups I am offering from September - December 2016 are a chance for people to try out the full benefits of WDS+ treatments at very low cost. All I ask in return for the greatly reduced fee is your honest feedback of the WDS+ approach. 

Because bioresonance is new to many people in the UK and Dr Rummel's protocol is virtually unknown in the UK, I am also offering a Guarantee. If you would like to take advatage of the Trial Offer, please see the WDS+ Solutions on the Home Page to determine which WDS+ Solution would be best for you.  

Once you have made your choice, please call either 020 3380 8768 or 07925261616 to discuss.