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From the Founder

Marjorie Hi, my name is Marjorie Green and I am the founder of WDS+ Logo

I have practised Nutritional Therapy since 1997, Bioresonance since 2002, and ‘Energy Psychology’ since 2006. I have previously practised at two of London's top clinics: The Grove Clinic, formerly in Kensington Church Street W8 and The Hale Clinic in Park Crescent W1. For those who would like to see which therapies I am qualified to practise, my relevant qualifications can be viewed in EXTRAS on the navigation bar of the website.

Some years ago, I became very interested in how the emotions we bury over the course of our lifetime can have a major impact on our physical health, and how releasing these buried emotions on an energetic level can allow the body to self-heal. Being specific about the emotionally traumatic events you had buried was key to the effectiveness of the techiques I practised. While these techniques were excellent at releasing the trapped energy that imprisoned our negative feelings, there was a challenge: if people were unable to remember the emotional events they had buried decades before, they would be unable to pinpoint the trapped feeling, in which case, the energy psychology techniques would be of little use!

The solution came to me during a session with a client. During that session, I had an ‘aha’ moment which led to the 1st part of the ‘GI.F.T.S.® technique' I developed to allow people to identify and transform, even their most deeply buried feelings. I took a sabbatical to develop the technique and write a book about it. The book is called ‘The Formula for Happiness? Be 100% YOU! [introducing the GI.F.T.S.® technique]. The book will be published shortly.

I always planned to start practising again once the book was finished, so I upgraded my bioresonance machine and flew to Germany to brush-up my bioresonance skills. At the seminar I attended - ‘The Difficult Allergy Patient’ – there was an excited bu about a bioresonance technique which had been developed by medical doctor and bioresonance practitioner Gerhard Rummel

The Germans are pioneers in bioresonance therapy: there are over 7000 Bicom bioresonance practitioners in Germany, many of whom are medical doctors. We lag behind, having only around 50 Bicom practitioners in the UK, of whom only one or two are medical doctors.

The intriguing thing about Dr Rummel’s protocol was that, while it ony treated the disturbed frequency patterns of WHEAT & DAIRY during treatment, ALL FOODS the body had developed an intolerance to were treated at the same time. What interested me further, was that Dr Rummel’s protocol did not require the identification, or elimination of any suspect foods.

Dr Rummel believed that having an undiagnosed food intolerance was the root cause of many chronic health complaints ranging from difficulty losing weight to Crohn’s disease. I discovered that over 100,000 people had been treated using Dr. Rummel’s method: 50.000 people had a complete reversal, or significant improvement in their symptoms, including difficulty losing weight. 

Dr Rummel’s protocol only used bioresonance. I knew that while bioresonance was excellent, it can't fix a poor diet [ repairing a leaky gut, for example, is much easier if you are well-nourished] or your unresolved emotions. However, the two other therapies I practise could!  I was convinced that by adding my other two therapies, where indicated, the  success rate of Dr Rummel’s bioresonance protocol could be greatly improved.

On my return to London, I tested my theory on a few people and early indications suggest I am right: improving a poor diet and transforming trapped feelings does improve the success rate of the ‘bioresonance only’ protocol.

For the next 3-4 months, I am setting up Trial Groups before launching the treatment Nationwide in January 2017[there are 50 bioresonance therapist throughout the UK, many of whom have expressed an interest in using the WDS+ method once available]. The goal of the trial groups is to get feedback on the WDS+ approach. Trial group participants will experience the full benefits of WDS+ treatments at a fraction of the post launch fee. All I want in return is your honest feedback.

Joining the trial groups

If you would like to join one of the trial groups, please decide which combination of treatments best suit your situation: just bioresonance? - do you need help to improve your diet? do you need help with unresolved emotions / your stress level? [see the WDS+ SOLUTIONS CIRCLES on the Home page].

Once you have decided which combination of treatments is best for you, please pay the £20 deposit by clicking the 'buy now' button below -the deposit is fully refundable with 24 hours notice- then call 07925261616 or 020 3380 8768 to book your appointment.

By the time I left Germany, I discovered that after treatment with this ingenious bioresonance protocol, 50,000 people in Austria, Switzerland and Germany had their chronic symptoms or weight loss problems completely resolved, or significantly improved.

With regards, Marjorie Green [Founder of WDS+ Logo