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Total load – our ‘cope-ability’


Our ‘Total load’ refers to our individual tolerance to the stressors we are faced with on a daily basis. The major stressors affecting more and more people these days are:

1] Having a leaky gut.
2] Being unaware that some food /s are causing inflammatory reactions.
3] Eating food that is full of chemicals and devoid of essential nutrients.
4] Burying feelings about upsetting emotional events.
5] Not taking enough time to de-stress.
6] Having an unhealthy intestinal microbiome.

These are not the only stressors people are faced with of course, but they are amongst the most damaging to our health. When our body is overwhelmed with stressors, homoeostasis - our body’s innate self-regulating, self-healing capacity - is unable to do its job, and we get sick.

Rain Barrel Analogy

I like to use the analogy of a rain barrel that overflows when it has reached ‘tipping point’. Our body reaches a similar ‘tipping point’ when it reaches the level beyond which it can cope. I call this the body’s ‘cope-ability’.

If you imagine, that when you are born, your ‘rain barrel’ is empty and that as you go through life, anything your body sees as a stressor goes into your barrel. The more it fills up, the less tolerance you have to cope with anything your body sees as a ‘stressor’.

Everyone is different of course, and everyone reacts differently to different stressors. ‘Adaptation’, from an evolutionary point of view, is a process that historically has taken thousands of years. However in the West, people have had to adapt to more changes to our lifestyle and eating habits in the last 50 years than throughout history. It’s therefore unsurprising that more and more people are finding that their tolerance to to certain foods, toxins and stress is very low. This is an indication that they have surpassed their tolerance level, and are exhibiting symptoms.

Reduced tolerance is not a ‘normal sign of aging’ that can only be fixed by a prescription for a pharmaceutical drug, as many doctors would have you believe. This is completely false. Many cultures have people who live healthy, active lives over the age of 100. Chronic symptoms are not a sign of aging, they are a sign that our ‘rain barrel’ if full to overflowing with stressors which are blocking the homoeostatic healing processes.

Some people may have more blocks at a biophysical level, while the significant blocks of others may be nutritional or emotional: we are all different. The graphic below shows the major stressors that can create blocks to the healing powers of homoeostasis.

Rain Barrel Diagram

The good news is that we don’t have to remove ALL the stressors. Removing the most significant stressors is normally enough to allow homoeostasis to kick-in and start doing the job it is supremely well-designed to do: self-regulate and self-heal.


Most of the major stressors that affect most people are either biophysical, nutritional, or emotional. At WDS+, all three of these blocks can be treated.

I have divided the treatments people will get the most benefit from into groups. Whether it is because of farming practice, chemical additives, pesticides, or nutrient depletion in the soil, the food we eat often provokes disrupted frequency patterns at a biophysical level. As the food we eat is fundamental to our health, I recommend that anyone experiencing chronic symptoms, undergoes Dr Rummel’s food intolerance bioresonance treatment.

Please can you put each barrel on the left of the text – so the first line of the text is on a level with the top of the barrel - and make each barrel the same size?

Group 1 Diagram Group 1: Significant biophysical blocks caused by the disrupted frequency patterns in food. These are treated using Dr Rummel’s bioresonance protocol. Dr Rummel’s unique protocol treats the disrupted frequency patterns in ALL foods. Food intolerance reactions are caused by disruptions at a biophysical level. Once the disrupted frequency patterns are ‘flat-lined’, food can be eaten without causing a reaction

I recommend Group 1 treatments for anyone experiencing chronic symptoms. If you are already eating a healthy diet, and have resolved all your emotional issues, Group 1 treatments may be all you need.

Group 2 Diagram Group 2: Group 1 sessions + Nutritional Therapy to remove significant blocks caused by eating a poor diet. Those choosing Group 2 will be already have resolved their emotional stress issues, but still be experiencing symptoms listed on the Home Page.

Nutritional therapy sessions can be taken immediately after Group 1 sessions, or they can be taken separately.

Group 3 Diagram Group 3: Group 1 sessions + sessions using either the GI.F.T.S.® technique, or one of the other energy psychology techniques I offer. The Group 3 combination of treatments will suit anyone troubled by symptoms listed on the Home Page who is already eating a healthy diet, but know they have significant emotional stress in their lives. In addition to removing blocks caused by emotional stress, the Gifts technique enables you to identify blocks you may have buried a long time ago. Energy psychology sessions can be taken immediately following, or separate from Group 1 sessions.

Group 4 Diagram Group 4: Group 1 + Group 2 + Group 3 sessions. Those choosing the Group 4 option of treatments will be troubled by the symptoms listed on the Home PAGE. They will also be aware that they need to improve their eating habits and to address their emotional /stress issues. Please see the different combination of treatments above.

Once your most significant blocks [stressors] have been removed, that is when magic happens: homoeostasis is able to kick-in, and your body is able to trigger the exact chemicals and hormones to be released in exactly the right quantity, and your symptoms will begin to disappear.